Month: January 2018

Public Outrage: Part II

TAA 0004 – C. Travis Webb and Seph Rodney continue their discussion about public outrage. Does expertise bring wisdom? Is outrage at elites justified? This and much more is discussed in this second of a two part discussion. C.T. WEBB 00:00 [music] Hello, welcome to The American Age broadcast. Today, we will be continuing our discussion about public outrage, public anger. And if you tuned in last time, we were in the midst of our conversation and agreed early on that we would pick up in a part two because there was lot to unpack, as I’m sure is...

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Public Outrage: Part I

TAA 0003 – In this episode, C. Travis Webb and Seph Rodney discuss the coarsening of civic culture. What are the results and causes of public outrage? Are they historical or psychological? (Part I of II) C.T. WEBB 00:15 [music] Good afternoon and welcome to– I should say good afternoon, or good evening, whenever you happen to be listening. Welcome to the American Age Podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about anger. I’m C. Travis Webb and I’m speaking with… S. RODNEY 00:27 Seph Rodney. C.T. WEBB 00:29 Who just at that moment was taking a drink, so...

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Faith in the Future

TAA 0002 – In this episode C. Travis Webb and Seph Rodney discuss faith in the future. Is faith in the future justifiable or naive? Contrasting Ta-Nehisi Coates with Jeffrey Goldberg (the editor of The Atlantic), Webb argues that “faith” isn’t the point, and Rodney emphasizes the importance of honesty in any assessment of the American project. *full transcript below C.T. WEBB 00:15 [music] Good afternoon. Welcome to The American Age Podcast. Today we’re going to be talking about faith in the future, what that means, what that doesn’t mean, and to begin I’d like to situate us with...

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Unlucky Days

Podcast, Ep. 001 – In reality how much our sense of time–leaving aside the biological markers of time, and old age, and all the other things that go…

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