Month: February 2018

Context Collapse

TAA 0009 – C. Travis Webb and Seph Rodney discuss “context collapse.” This is the idea that “new media” has decontextualized the facts of our lives and cultures. We don’t have enough information to make judgments about one another. Is this a new phenomenon, and is it necessarily bad? How might we deal with it? C.T. WEBB 00:17 Good afternoon, good morning, or good evening and welcome to The American Age Podcast. Today I’m speaking with Seph Rodney. Seph, how you doing? S. RODNEY 00:23 I’m okay. C.T. WEBB 00:25 Yeah. I know you were a little bit rushed today,...

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Violence in a Free Society

TAA 0008 – C. Travis Webb and Steven Fullwood discuss whether free, heterogeneous societies must tolerate some degree of violence. Is violence the cost we all must bear to live with difference? C.T. WEBB 00:16 [music] Hello and welcome to The American Age podcast. Today, I’m speaking with Steven Fullwood. Steven, how are you? S. FULLWOOD 00:21 I’m actually pretty good. Thank you for asking. C.T. WEBB 00:23 That’s good to hear. Today, we’re going to talk about what is a free society’s commitment or tolerance to a level of violence. And by that, I mean– and what we’re going...

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Moral Responsibility in Corporate America

TAA 0007 – C. Travis Webb and Seph Rodney discuss corporate responsibility. What does it mean when corporations become the guardians of democracy? [music] C.T. WEBB 00:17 Good evening, good afternoon, or good morning. Welcome to The American Age Podcast. I’m talking today with Seph Rodney and today we’re going to be discussing corporate responsibility and how we make sense of it in the world that we currently occupy in relation to government responsibility, in relation to individual responsibility. Seph, how are you? S. RODNEY 00:43 Not bad, I’m operating on about four hours of sleep but for someone who’s...

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