Month: March 2018

Conservatives in the Trump Age

TAA 0011 – C. Travis Webb and Seph Rodney discuss writer David Roberts recent take down of the New York Times opinion page, and its attempt to incorporate conservative leaning writers. Is conservatism just a series of “irritable mental gestures” or a vital and coherent worldview? C.T. WEBB 00:17 Good afternoon, good morning or good evening and welcome to the American Age Podcast. I’m talking with Seph Rodney today. Seph, how you doing? S. RODNEY 00:25 Not too bad. C.T. WEBB 00:28 So I know it’s a 3-hour time difference. I don’t know, and I don’t think our listeners know this,...

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Madness in America: Part I

TAA 0010 – C. Travis Webb and Steven Fullwood discuss the history of denial in America, from Thomas Jefferson to the 2016 election. Should denial be considered a form of collective madness, and has social media made our denial worse? [music] C.T. WEBB 00:15 Good afternoon, good morning, or good evening, whenever you happen to be listening, and welcome to The American Age Podcast. Today, I’m speaking with Stephen Fullwood. Stephen, how are you doing today? S. FULLWOOD 00:24 I’m actually doing pretty good. Thank you for asking. C.T. WEBB 00:25 All right. Yeah. We were running a little bit...

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