Month: April 2018

Liberty vs. Security

TAA 0014 – C. Travis Webb and Steven Fullwood talk about the natural tensions that exist between liberty and safety. You cannot maximize both, so what does the current balance between the two in our society say about our priorities and prejudices. [music] C.T. WEBB 00:17 Good afternoon, good morning, or good evening, whenever you happen to be listening and welcome to The American Age podcast. Today I’m talking to Steven Fullwood. It’s the two of us. Seph is out today. So Steven, how are you doing? S. FULLWOOD 00:27 I’m doing pretty good. How are you doing, Travis?...

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Trump or Social Progress

TAA 0016 – C. Travis Webb and Steven Fullwood discuss the perils and the possibilities of a Trump presidency. Does symbolic cultural progress matter, and if it does, what does Trump’s election mean for the country?

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Barr None

I watched the “Roseanne” reboot skeptical but curious, my cultural antennae probing for select varieties of spoiled fruit: xenophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, liberalphobia…

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