Month: June 2018

Toxic Masculinity

TAA 0026 – C. Travis Webb, Seph Rodney, and Steven Fullwood discuss “toxic masculinity.” What do healthy models of masculinity look like, and is it possible to be manly without being misogynist? [music]  C.T. WEBB 00:18  Good afternoon, good morning, or good evening, and welcome to the American Age Podcast. Today, I’m talking to Steven and Seph again. Steven and Seph, how are you guys?  S. FULLWOOD 00:26  Pretty good. How are you?  S. RODNEY 00:27  I’m not bad. I’m kind of tired of traveling but I’m good.  C.T. WEBB 00:32  You were just in Chicago, yes?  S. RODNEY 00:34  Yes, indeed I was. Chicago, I have to say, it’s a beautiful city....

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Space Force! Necessity or Inanity

TAA 0025 – C. Travis Webb, Seph Rodney, and Steven Fullwood discuss Trump’s announcement of a space force. While many pundits spent the week laughing, the show considers the rough and tumble arena of international politics, and asks whether it’s crazy to consider the possibility “politics by other means” will continue unabated in space. C.T. WEBB 00:18 Good afternoon, good morning, or good evening, and welcome to the American Age podcast. We have a full house today. Steven and Seph are both with me. How you guys doing? S. FULLWOOD 00:25 Pretty good, how are you? S. RODNEY 00:27 Yeah, I can’t complain. C.T. WEBB 00:29 So, Seph was just telling me that it’s very hot in New York, humid, of course, because it’s the summer there, so– And here in Southern California, it’s not too bad. Actually, for June, it’s fantastic. It’s mid 70s. It’s usually getting hotter by now. So I feel for you guys. S. RODNEY 00:48 I’m getting used to it. C.T. WEBB 00:49 Are you? S. RODNEY 00:50 Yeah, because I don’t want air conditioning in my house this summer. I know that might be suicide, but I don’t like air conditioning. I can’t sleep well. So I’m just going to try it and see how it works out. Yeah, just fans. S. FULLWOOD 01:03 Okay, you have a fan. Okay, good. Alright [crosstalk]. C.T....

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Twenty-Something Looking at Middle-Age

TAA 0024 – C. Travis Webb and Steven Fullwood discuss what their twenty-year-old selves would think of their middle-aged selves. How do our measures of success change overtime? C.T. WEBB 00:18 Good afternoon, good morning or good evening and welcome to the American Age Podcast. Today I’m talking to Steven Fullwood. Steven how are you doing? S. FULLWOOD 00:24 I’m doing pretty good. How are you doing Travis? C.T. WEBB 00:26 Pretty good. So we chose from a few different topics today and what we landed on was something a bit more personal which I appreciated that Steven went in that direction. The question is our– so I’m 44. I’m going to be 45 in about a month and Steven how old are you? S. FULLWOOD 00:44 I’m 52. C.T. WEBB 00:46 Okay. So Steven is 52. So a bit older than I am but kind of in that age bracket, right? We are firmly middle aged. There is no– when you are 33 or 32 you can kind of play some nonsense and say well [laughter] I’m not quite middle age but so we are both firmly middle aged and I mean we’ll get to this in the conversation but probably both of us have fairly unconventional paths to this podcast on Monday afternoon. But the question that I posed was how does each of our lives look to...

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Roseanne: The Weight of an Apology

C. Travis Webb, Seph Rodney, and Steven Fullwood discuss Roseanne Barr’s apology. How much credit should she get? Can we fight for a progressive political agenda and make room for forgiveness and empathy?

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