Author: C. Travis Webb

Barr None

I watched the “Roseanne” reboot skeptical but curious, my cultural antennae probing for select varieties of spoiled fruit: xenophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, liberalphobia…

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Being a Middle-Aged Graduate Student

TAA 0015 – C. Travis Webb and Seph Rodney discuss their decision to go back to graduate school late in life. What does it take to participate in the pursuit of human knowledge, and is it worth the cost? C.T. WEBB 00:17 [music] Good afternoon, good morning, or good evening. And welcome to the American Age podcast. Today I’m talking again to Seph Rodeny. Seph, how you doing? S. RODNEY 00:24 I’m somewhat stressed but I’m here. C.T. WEBB 00:27 Seph has an appointment with an artist right after the podcast today. And we’ve had some technical difficulties. None...

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Welcome to The American Age

The American Age has one objective: to re-ignite zeal for the American idea. Not by provoking nostalgia for what has been, but by inspiring hope for what might be, The American Age takes up the cause of those visionaries who have come before us.

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