Welcome Fraid Matuk

C. Travis Webb, Editor

19 March 2018

Farid Matuk.

Photograph by Sam Ace

Farid Matuk will be joining The American Age as our supervising poetry editor. He is the author of This Isa Nice Neighborhood (Letter Machine) and several chapbooks including My Daughter La Chola (Ahsahta) and from Don’t Call It Reginald Denny (Society Editions). His second full-length collection of poems, The Real Horse, is forthcoming in 2018 from the University of Arizona Press. He is Assistant Professor of English at the University of Arizona, Tuscon.

A widely published and anthologized poet, as well as an accomplished essayist, Farid brings a transgressive and intellectually ambitious aesthetic to our poetry section. He will supervise the selection of our seasonal editors, as well as the curation of our annual print edition.

The poetry section for The American Age is one of our most ambitious projects. It is unruly by design, contentious, polyvocal, aggressively political—a hybrid of hocks and ideals mudwrestling for crowns.

It will be, we hope, a place for democratic principles to emerge from disparate world views. Poetry has been at the center of the polis since the beginning, and we believe it can be again. Our poetry section will perform democracy.

Each season a new editor will be chosen to champion their selection of poets and poems. They will briefly introduce their aesthetic, political, or critical orientation at the start of their tenure (or they will reject that requirement and recreate Gertrude Stein’s rose with dust bunnies). Then, at the end of their term, they will write a more substantial concluding essay about the poets they selected.

At the end of the year, the selections will be collected in a print volume, along with an additional selection of poems chosen by the editors.

It is our hope that by modeling communal heterodoxy, we might create a space where people can—even if only for a few moments—recognize their common wager in a game we are all fated to lose.


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