Pornography, Part V: Desire and Despair

TAA 0056 – The hosts continue their conversation about pornography. This week they explore the emotional cost of pornography. Who shapes our desires? And what happens when we are regularly reminded of what we don’t have?

Michael Jackson: “Leaving Neverland”

Podcast 0066 – Dan Reed’s documentary “Leaving Neverland” offers a compelling but disturbing description of the alleged abuse suffered by James Safechuck and Wade Dobson at the hands of Michael Jackson. But how credible is Reed’s film? Join as we discuss “Leaving Neverland.”

Sarah Sanders Shunned: Should Justice Constrain Civility

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What’s Going On: Where Do You Get Your Information?

TAA 0044 – C. Travis Webb, Seph Rodney, and Steven Fullwood discuss information. To live responsibly in a democracy requires access to knowledge about the world we inhabit. But acquiring that knowledge can be difficult. Where does it come from, and who can be trusted to dispense it? How does ideology interfere with or enhance our ability to make sense of the world? The hosts discuss their media diets, and how they can be improved.

Public Outrage: Part II

Podcast 0004 – C. Travis Webb and Seph Rodney continue their discussion about public outrage. Does expertise bring wisdom? Is outrage at elites justified? This and much more is discussed in this second of a two-part discussion.

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