White Supremacy: Structural Impediments to African-American Progress

TAA 0060 – What do structural impediments to African-American progress look like in the United States? Even if cultural bias can be controlled, there is a history of segregation in real estate and education that has shaped contemporary American communities.

(r)omance: Alternative Lifestyles

How do alternative lifestyles effect historically heteronormative notions of “romance?” The hosts discuss the ways in which romance has changed in response to the mainstreaming of LGTBQ interests, and how LGTBQ interests have been shaped by mainstream romance.

Climate Change: Material Memory

Memory isn’t something that lives only in our minds. Memory lives in objects–in museums, and scrap books, and archives. How can archives help us make sense of climate change? What do we choose to preserve and why?

Comedy: Final Thoughts

What can you learn about a culture through comedy? What can you learn about people, and maybe more importantly, what can’t you learn about them through comedy? The hosts agree it’s time to stop canceling people for trying to be funny.

Triangulating #MeToo: Morality, Ideology, and Desire

TAA 0039 – C. Travis Webb, Seph Rodney, and Steven Fullwood discuss the #MeToo movement and the way in which mainstream American culture over-simplifies sexual desire. Woody Allen, The Son’s of Anarchy, and Brett Kavanaugh are dissected and analyzed.

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